The top visual themes of 2016


Hi art appreciators, if i can call you that. I have just been at a two day conference in Auckland celebrating the best in public relations in nz. One of the best workshops was from a woman from the visual research team at Getty images. She told us what are the top visual themes of 2016, based on what words people are searching on and what images people globally are buying.

  1. The outsider in – search phrases stand out in a crowd, bold choices, non conformist.Divine living – search words mindfulness, integrity and good deed.
  2. Vanguardians – where the caregiver meets the sage. Togetherness, connectedness, inner universe.
  3. The extended human – search words self-driving car, smart watch, emoji, wearable technology.
  4. Messthetics- super-sensory imagery eg grit, mud, mess, dirt.

I thought how can i apply this to my art? The image on this post is no longer unfortunately as I painted over it. But its theme could fit well into the Vanguardians – the divine, goddess, inner universe.

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