A trip to Sydney

I have recently returned from Sydney where I took in lots of fantastic art. The Archibald-Wynne and Sulman exhibition at the NSW art gallery was amazing as usual – check it out http://www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au/…/archibald-wynne-sulman-…/ These are are annual art awards in Australia and attract many well known artists. I also saw a show called Telling Tales at the Museum of Modern Art which is down near the waterfront – see http://www.mca.com.au/exhibition/telling-tales/, and an exhibition of German woodcuts in Paddington. Art was everywhere I looked, even where I stayed in an old Terrace in Paddington, I found a regular guest was Tracey Moffat, an international photographer and another famous Australian painter. Now I just need to take all that I have absorbed, and let it flow out into some new works.

3 comments on “A trip to Sydney

  1. Love the opera house photo. Looking forward to checking out the whole site at leisure. Very impressed! A certain big red nose looked familiar.

    • A big red nose? thanks for your feedback. Love to hear what you like. I need to do some reordering of images, they are not necessarily grouped right. I also need ideas for some new blogs. Suggestions?

      • The big red nose in Play rape, silly. Interesting to see a reworking of ideas. More interesting as paintings that photos. The ideas are conveyed in a less literal way that leaves room for the imagination of the viewer.

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