Digital tools


A few weeks ago I went to a one day course on Digital content run by PRINZ’s digital guru Catherine Arrow. As usual, she gave us a whole swag of interesting, mostly free apps and tools to use to create online content.

  • is a really cool cheap app that allows you to quickly create icons, infographics, presentations, visuals etc. You can upload our own colour palette.
  • Google cardboard is a downloadable virtual reality viewer.
  • Thingful is the search engine for the internet of things.
  • is a brainstorming tool to help you create content. It was inspiring stuff.

There are so many things you can do, and so many tools to help you. Where to start?

Meanwhile back at the day job I am flat out helping get our new corporate website ready for go live. There are so  many little things you need to remember to do, but I think these little things do matter to the overall impression. We just all hope our users like the site. It is in plain English, with a modern responsive design, and better nav so they should! Fingers crossed. Check it out