Studio DEE is open

Dee Warring

In 2021 I opened a new home studio called Studio DEE at Paraparaumu Beach, Kapiti so that I could take part in the Kapiti Arts Trail 2021 as an “artist in studio”.

I have a variety of original paintings on canvas and fine art digital prints on display as well as many more artworks in storage.

During the first weekend of the Arts Trail I had about 150 people through the studio with lots of positive feedback and some interesting comments, such as my Prophetess series reminding some people of the TV series and book by Margaret Atwood, “Handmaid’s Tale”. Also The Gravity of Being reminded people of migrant journeys.

It’s cool when people see things in my art that I have not noticed before and make connections with it. As an artist, you want to communicate your vision and ideas to other people and ideally move them. Quite a few visitors to the studio liked the emotional intensity of my art.

Tomorrow is the second weekend of the Arts Trail event and I am hoping that I will get similar numbers through and also sell more art. I am running out of space to store everything. My prices are very reasonable and all my works can now be ordered as digital prints. I have found a local printer who has a very good 10-colour CMYK printing press which allows them to product prints of excellent and very accurate colour quality. Combined with the wonderful texture of the 310gsm German Etching fine art paper, the result is sometimes even better than the original!